Our company's human resources policy; maintained its leading position in the Turkish industry by increasing capacity, if it meets the expectations of its stakeholders, the employee value, which are open to change and leading in the region, as a global company, efficient use of resources, environmental, sensitive to occupational health and safety, quality standards, technology, continuous improvement, powered by the creativity of employees, a customer-focused company on the path to becoming human is to use resources efficiently.

Work of our company are executed in an effective and efficient manner to ensure that human resource planning, Selection, Recruitment, Service Commissioning Unit, its development, determining training needs meeting and making plans for implementation, identification of competencies, performance management, career planning of work to be performed in accordance with the scientific methods is the goal of our human resources policy.


• Creating and implementing a system related to the identification, selection and recruitment of human resources that will enable our company to perform its activities effectively and efficiently,

• Identify, implement and evaluate the results of training programs aimed at providing our personnel with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors necessary to ensure that they are more successful in the business environment, so that they do not lag behind any developments and changes that occur in the nature of their business,

• Develop a performance management system that will allow staff to see the results of their own work, in a sense, their output, and evaluate the results of their individual success,

• Create and realize a career management system that ensures continuous development of personnel within the institution, prepares itself for responsibilities above its position, and ensures the most effective evaluation of our employees at all levels who are willing to take responsibility,

• To collect information about the scope of work performed in the institution, human resource requirements and working conditions and to conduct job analyses to evaluate this information, to prepare job descriptions in accordance with changing conditions,

• YTo develop systems that will promote success and creativity by providing working conditions in accordance with the nature of the service carried out, in this context; All our stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, community) creativity by taking advantage of new products, services, processes, systems, and social interactions converted into innovation and to provide the Organization, employees and other stakeholders generate ideas that will add value to people that don't have it, and the potential to mobilise and be useful by questioning and thinking about all the work they did to make their employees put to use their knowledge and experience for the benefit of the company and, to increase the participation of all employees in company activities with their creative and innovative self-thoughts by motivating creative ideas owners through recognition and appreciation and to ensure that creative ideas are implemented in the most effective way.

• Taking opinions from employees through surveys and similar means, directing the applications to be made,

• Ensuring the formation of "corporate culture and awareness" by meeting the social and cultural requirements of the personnel,

• Create an understanding of employee sustainability to meet today's needs in a way that does not reduce the resources of future generations. Instead of focusing only on short-term solutions when planning their strategies, spreading awareness that will determine their goals by evaluating their environmental and socio-economic dimensions to create value in the long term.

• Occupational Health and safety; to protect our activities to ensure occupational health and safety and to be respectful to people and the environment by focusing on our natural environment, to develop systems to prevent accidents, health-safety-environment in order to increase the performance of neighbouring facilities, the competent authority and to be created by local governments, to increase their cooperation, our projects Occupational Safety and health and the environmental factor, in an emergency in a way that could interfere with restructuring our practices to be transparent with our stakeholders.