22 researchers in an area of 500 m2,

4 technical personnel and 2 Support Personnel

18 equity R & D projects

7 different R & D units

3 patents, 1 utility model and 3 trademark registrations

14 papers

4 Articles (2 at the application stage)

2 TEYDEB projects


Our nonwoven products, which are produced in our Airlaid and Spunlace enterprises, are presented to our customers with multiple controls at every stage of the process in accordance with our company's Quality Policy.

Our customer satisfaction-oriented work discipline covers the entire process of our quality process, starting with the supply of raw materials and consumables, and reaching the final product to the end user.

In order to meet our customers with the right product at the first stage of our quality control process, we carefully monitor the compliance of the products and services offered by our suppliers to our company with our quality parameters.

Using many integrated technologies that we can instantly control quality in our production process, respectively
• Gramage,
• Thickness,
• Temperature,
• Humidity,
• Metal Contamination,
• Web formation,
• Foreign matter control

In our microbiology and physics laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that our final products comply with the specifications requested by our customers;
• Gramage (GSM)
• Thickness
• Slice Width Control
• Dry and wet Md strength
• Dry and wet CD strength
• Dry and wet MD elongation
• Dry and wet CD elongation
• Absorbency and back wetting
• On The One Hand In The Air Gecirilmislig
• Sertlik
• Analysis of pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria
• Mold / Yeast Analysis
• Composition Analysis
we control many parameters such as. These controls are carried out in accordance with the hygiene rules by our competent quality personnel with equipment calibrated by accredited organizations in accordance with the quality policy of our company.

Control of yarn production processes is provided by using international standard and state-of-the-art test equipment.

Compliance of raw materials with quality specifications is controlled with control plans established with the principle of high Product Safety and continuity.

Certificates and calibrations of the test devices used in accordance with today's yarn technologies are monitored, verified and updated within the program.

• Uster,
• Tensorapid-4,
• HVI 1000,
• AfisPro-2,
• Spinning Wheel, Conical Sheet,
• AquaBoy
• equipped with twisting testing machines.

In addition, the quality of the 100% combed compact yarns we produce is controlled instantly with LAB-Expert.
As a physical test;
• Yarn count
• Twist
• Twist direction
• Smoothness
• Pull
• Number change
• Hairiness
• Smoothness
• Number of Neps
• humidity
• Fiber
• Strength
• Subtlety,
• brightness,
• length,
• flexibility,
• determination of humidity
• determination of foreign matter
• Chemical Tests;
• color of dyed yarn
• fastness of dyed yarn
• elasticity of yarn
• mixture ratios.